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The Infotainer
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websitedesigner, post: 78175 wrote:
I doubt very much that 85% of the corporate crowd have JS and Flash turned off..

I am sorry but they do.

The reason why is simple

Most companies have a “cloud” or network of computers so if one computer gets infected it is possible that the entire network will become effected, granted most companies have good firewalls but why risk it.

Also By allowing staff to use video for example there is the argument that they will be looking at video instead of working but the bigger concern is downloading MB of data,

if 20 staff each download 5 videos a day at 5MB each video thats 500MB a day 3.5 GB a week and 1 month is 14 BG just in videos’ this can impact the overall usage of companies- (granted there are very big companies with gazillion MB’s of download) but there are many small to medium sized businesses that don’t have a large monthly download size.

I am just going off surveys that I hve conducted sending off to my database of 5000 event organisers and PA’s

so Yes I have youtube video’s but they cannot be viewed by many and they cannot use javascript. all you have to do to test out what I mean is open IE up and turn security to max to see what I am talking about thats a basic representation of how my customers are viewing the webpage.

Also I am exhibiting at a Trade show later this year that has a facebook like page, the expo gets 6000 visitors each year yet they only have 670 likes and 550 followers on twitter, (their social media has been up for 2 years) these are the ways they spread their news

the reason being is that most companies can’t view facebook due to the security of the browser