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Well, I am really happy with the result.

If you guys want to check it out, you can see it at


(You’ll have to excuse the odd URL – working as a newbie on iWeb and haven’t sorted that bit out yet)

One thing I would note when playing with these buttons, it’s actually quite hard to have them all be a consistent size. I have had to abandon the LinkedIn button adjustment I made as it basically cut off the image edges, and took off the trademark symbol. So while I like them all to look nice and similar, this will have to do. Also, if the FS favicon can be provided with a slightly higher resolution, that would be fabulous!

It is very interesting what you learn when you do it yourself out of necessity. And thank goodness search engines exist!

Does anyone know if there is a standard button size out there, or are we doomed to have to edit them all ourselves?


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