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RapidEntryBiz, post: 77946 wrote:
It had a 12mnth warranty (its 18mnths old) on hardware, no warranty at all on software. At $780, it is probably a throw away price after 12 months. Nice to know, now, funny that still seems like alot to me. There are current models on offer for around that price with replaceable batteries but does spending another $500 mean more life in the hardware. Anyone here bought an expensive (say $2500) model with great reports 2 or 3years later? Anyone spent $5000? What’s a good price for a laptop that gives some dependability, generally> Is there such a thing?

Was that the store warranty or the manufacturer warranty? What I usually find is when I buy computer hardware you usually always get a 1 year warranty from the shop but a 3yr – lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Lifetime warranties usually only come with high quality RAM though.