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I’m sensing a bit of the ostrich syndrome in some posts on this thread. Let’s put heads in sand and ignore the Cloud……

Whether we like it or not the Cloud is here to stay. At a recent World Computer Congress I attended, a key note speaker compared the cloud with a move to the adoption of public electricity utilities at the turn of the century. Pre-Utility, manufacturers had their own electricity division. Ignoring the Cloud and you risk ending up like a very famous water wheel lying rotting in a field in the USA as a victim to the rapid adoption of the utility model. That is where we are right now.

Is security important? Hell Yeh! Is the average small business likely to be a target? Probably not unless hosted on a major cloud installation which could be a target.

In terms of usability, online is great as it has let me:
1. Access my accounting records and enter orders etc wherever I am
2. Check some details at my Accountant’s office
3. Check my previous buy price on my phone at a vendor’s office
4. Outsource my accounting to a bookkeeper after giving them the appropriate limited system access.

Like some on this thread, I have not been a great fan of the web browser for data entry. However, my current accounting software has made me rethink that as it is highly usable.

I can’t wait until I have automated integration with my eCommerce system and fulfilment house in real time…we are not talking about import routines here. Try that with software on your desktop. I must say I am quite keen on Tim Ferris’s business model… 4 hours a week sounds a good number to me.

If you are really paranoid about security then include a RSA key encryption module that SMSs a Pin code to your mobile on every log on.