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VehicleMods, post: 78179 wrote:
I’m sensing a bit of the ostrich syndrome in some posts on this thread. Let’s put heads in sand and ignore the Cloud……

Not sure what you’re referring to, but I have a couple of comments:

We, at Nominal, certainly don’t ignore the cloud and have developed integrations to:
* Online BAS/TFN/PAYG submissions, using SBR (cloud)
* PayPay integration, invoices/expenses/contacts (cloud)
* ZenCart similar integration (cloud)
* osCommerce similar integration (cloud)
* Magento similar integration (cloud)
* Freshbooks clients/invoices/expenses/categories/items (cloud)

2nd – I don’t think personal computers are going to be replaced by network only devices any time soon (and then some more). I am not a futuristic and not equipped to have a discussion about the faith of computing, but I have my guess and I have put my money where I think it is going to be useful.

Next section not intended for accountants :-)

From a technical perspective, to migrate an application from WPF to Silverlight, is not that hard, assuming you’re happy with the reduced functionality. Actually an ‘out of browser’ Silverlight application is in effect a desktop application. The lines are blurring. I call our software “Web enabled”