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Yes, very interesting questions.

Being that I’m a Soloist, I didn’t feel the need to write down my core values, as I reckon they’re with me even when I’m making coffee or taking over small countries.

But… having to question those ethics, now THAT’S where it gets interesting. The first time I did it, it was with one of my first clients, and every instinct was veritably screaming at me. I ignored them and it was the biggest mistake of my entire business life. At that stage though, the biz was less than a year old, and I then leveraged that mistake into a lesson that would only strengthen my business, and my resolve, for the next 4 years.

Ultimately though, it was the ethical side of things that made me close up shop of the most lucrative part of my business, SEO. While it’s nipple-raisingly exciting to be “The SEO Guy” for folks, including many on this forum, it was dealing with the ethical questions on a daily basis that eventually drove me out of it (that, and retarded clients).

So there you go. I’m on Baby Leave right now, and during this time I’m not only revamping the business, but ensuring that whatever it ends up looking like in a few months is something that won’t have such ethical issues, simply because I got so worn down fighting to keep my integrity in a world of bloodsucking shysterfaces.