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I’m an SEO guy and I don’t think the website is that bad.

I’m sorry to hear that you were taken for granted – that’s not what you pay for!

Most website designers do not do SEO. Expecting them to do it without asking for it is a bit silly. Blaming them for not being aware of it, at this time, is also not fair. It’s a bit like buying a TV and assuming to get paid channels on it, for free.

Your website structure looks OK, but is probably not optimised. That is, are you using the phrases and words your customers use? Part of SEO is about aligning your content with the words your potential customers are using when they are looking for solutions that YOU can provide.

The other part is outside your website, and about getting other websites to link to you. Once you are relevant to the right searches, you need to make yourself the most authoritative in your market. This makes you show up higher than the others that are also relevant.

Authority or ranking is gained from getting other websites to link to yours. If you can get authoritative websites to do that, then your authority rises. It’s a voting system where websites with authority have a larger vote.

You should not expect a website developer/designer to do this sort of work, even when they say they do “SEO” things.