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This is exactly how I fell into SEO about 3 years ago.

We set up our eCommerce site and then had the view of ‘Build it and they will come,’ how wrong we were! So with having no knowledge and I mean no knowledge of SEO, Websites, etc I then immersed myself in all the information I could find on SEO. So after spending lots of money and spending countless hours of gaining this knowledge – my results now speak for themselves!

Unfortunately Sue there is no quick overnight fix for SEO, it’s an ongoing effort just to stay ahead of your competitors with your rankings on Google.

One of the best places to start is with Google Places and create a local listing for your business, then add your listing to other online business directories. Time consuming but well worth the effort.

Then (and it’s already been said) you need to get backlinks from other websites (that’s other websites linking to your website, also known as oneway backlinks). The most time consuming part is getting these backlinks. You can do it yourself or you can outsource it. Funnily enough I have outsourced a couple of projects but the results were nowhere near as good as me doing it myself – however, it takes a long time to do this. Blog posts, article submissions, videos, and so on.

To be competitive these days you need a website that is user friendly and is SEO’d. Tip – make sure you have a contact number in the top right hand corner and remember that anyone who visits your site is only ‘one click’ away from leaving and going to your competitor.