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Tiggerito, post: 78161 wrote:
I’m an SEO guy and I don’t think the website is that bad.
Most website designers do not do SEO. Expecting them to do it without asking for it is a bit silly. Blaming them for not being aware of it, at this time, is also not fair. It’s a bit like buying a TV and assuming to get paid channels on it, for free.

Your website structure looks OK, but is probably not optimised. That is, are you using the phrases and words your customers use? Part of SEO is about aligning your content with the words your potential customers are using when they are looking for solutions that YOU can provide.

I agree with Tiggerito. Your URL structure looks good. They are in STATIC which means that the URLs are both readable by users and search engines. Though it really needs to be optimised to make it more search-engine friendly.

Like for example:

For this URL – www dot imagesbysue.com/products.html

I think it would be better if you use

www dot imagesbysue.com/photo-services.html or something that has photo or image to best describe the content of this page, to make the page more relevant to “photography services” and for you to target relevant keywords on the URL.

On your site structure, it looks not bad at all but it really needs improvements. As what JohnW said, you should provide different types of your photography service (wedding, family, portrait etc) on your home page (body content). Each of them should have an enticing description with a link pointing to their specific pages.

When designing for site structure, you should always put your self on the shoes of your visitors or possible customers. You should provide them with the right information they need about “photography”.