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Hi Skythelimit,

I agree with Couple It – in a lot of cases your name and logo are two separate trademarks and therefore should be registered separately. A trademark is what you use (be it a name, logo, slogan etc) to distinguish your goods/services from others. Therefore, if you intend to use/promote the name and logo independently of one another, you have two trademarks.

Keeping in mind that your trademark is to distinguish your goods/services from others, if the name on its own is descriptive/commonly used, it could be more difficult to register.

Just to clarify a couple of points from Couple It’s post –

“Registration is $120 each on application then a further $250 each when approved.”

Filing the Application is $120 per class of goods/services required, and registration is a further $250 per class once approved. A class is basically a category of product or service and depending on your business activities, you may need more than one class, which would make the fee higher. The $120.00 fee also assumes you are using the government office’s “pick list” for selection of your goods/services – the fee is higher if you wish to describe them in your own words.

Couple It’s trademarks are all in a single class, which would incur that lower fee described.

Also, just a point to be mindful of to others that may read this – a trademark doesn’t protect an invention. It protects that name/logo so that others cant use the same name/logo in connection with the same type of products/services but doesn’t protect the inventive qualities of the product itself.

Wendy – in light of your comment re the invention, have sent you a p.m for consideration rather than post here.

All the best,