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On a side note.. Choosing a segment to serve is very important. Just because the national market might be the biggest/most profitable/fastest growing doesn’t mean that it might mesh with your company objectives or that it is the best segment for your company and its resources.

Maybe look now to cement your reputation, and when you change your logo later, you can work around modernizing it or using the same colours and fitting it to your most profitable segment. Look at Apple – the logo might not be deemed very exciting or creative, but it projects those qualities in customers’ minds because of the company. I spent a grand total of 5 seconds looking at your logo; and mainly because you are talking about it now.

Looking at your website, I actually don’t know who your customer is. Are you serving mainly real estate companies (since you mentioned going real estate conventions)? Small businesses targeted at moms? Restaurants for the north central area? Schools holding fund-raising? When you cement your most profitable segment, you can design a logo more suited for them.