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Hi all,

All great suggestions and already I am brimming with ideas to better develop my site and importantly overall branding message.

I think the need to assert myself day-to-day in a non-traditional trade has affected my choice of words. I will be looking to soften its feel, on my site and other areas of web presence.

Initially I set my site up as an information “go to” for prospective clients that may see my vehicle signage, hear about me, come across a business card. Mostly to inform and showcase my work. Although social media seems to be a great avenue at the moment.

As funds permit I will be seeking the services of a web designer but at the moment my focus is establishing a physical presence in my local community to find my footing and then branch out.

I am trying to move away from the dmdonnachie@hotmail and will be using [email protected] very soon. I agree that the hotmail address is a bit ordinary but I just need to be contactable.

For takeaway I am Mrs.Smith because Donnachie is a hassle to spell. I believe painterdeb is easier.

Thanks again for all your suggestions.:)