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The Infotainer
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The biggest problem I have right now with google places is I have many competitors who are living in Brisbane and Melbourne (I am in Sydney) with so called offices in Sydney.

We (sydney magicians) have complained to google but to no avail they don’t do anything about it.

here’s how you do it or rather here’s how they do it

You add your google places listings and then google sends out a postcard (they used to use your mobile) but now it is 2-3 weeks via post card

what you do is get your interstate friends to accept the post card so you set up offices at their homes and then make the address invisible on your places advert so people don’t go to your friends house – in 2-3 weeks they get a post card and give you the code which you type in and bang your places is online.

sound bad? well I don’t do it, but thats what my compeditors are doing and google doesn’t care