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Anna G
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It seems to me what you need here is to find someone who can ask you the right questions to help you to get where you want to go.

What is it that you want from your website.
What products and services do you want to sell or promote.
What kind of target market are you hoping to attract.
What kind of budget do you have for a website including time spent on marketing the site.

Websites can be developed at your pace, within your budget and web developers / designers can work with you as your business grows.
If developed and planned by a professional that has good testimonials I would go down this path rather than a cheap developer who may not provide you with what you deserve.

The great thing about websites is that they can be really cost effective when it comes to marketing in comparison to other media types such as print. You can monitor your results by viewing online statistics that are easy to view and understand ( set up by your developer) of how much traffic is visiting your site. You can then see how your online marketing is going and adapt accordingly.

Hope that helps
By all means contact me if you have any more questions
best regards