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Kathy Creaner
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Pretty much Dan. I’m officially an early adopter!

I signed up for my first personal email account in 1995 so that I could stay in touch with some former work colleagues after their return to the US. Still in touch with some of them via Linked In. Ended up having to give up the email address because of spam. :-(

Keeta, I’m less of a purist about the look of a website when I’m looking for information. Probably because I read really fast. If I want to buy from a website, I pay more attention to the trust factors that make me feel confident that I’ll get what I’ve paid for (security, phyical presence, contact options, guarantees). The site being “individual” or “well-designed” isn’t one of the things I take into consideration, however the site being “old-fashioned” is an indicator that the business may no longer be operating.

Right here on Flying Solo, there’s an irritating ad on the right hand side of the screen (it’s bright, it moves, it’s potentially distracting). I’m ignoring it because my purpose here is more important to me than whether there are annoying ads.