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IMHO a well designed website may not be the most attractive website. A well designed website makes it easy for a visitor to see a solution to their problem.

What is a “nice looking” website to one person isn’t to everyone. It’s subjective.

@Couple It made a comment about clean looking – I read that to mean uncluttered. Taking that one step further – making it easy to see what’s the solution to your problem…

Keeta is right about web fashions having changed enormously in the short life of the Internet. And they’ll continue to change like our own clothes fashion does. Website owners have as much obligation to keep their websites up-to-date as they do their suits.

Kathy, said it well – the look of the site is somewhat important, and more importantly –

does it reach out to the visitor to provide what they’re after.

(and that ad is sooooo annoying!)