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Keeta, post: 78410 wrote:
I’ve been on the net as a designer, writer and user for almost two decades. I’ve seen a lot change in the trends of designing websites.

Designing your own site has never been easier, with options like WordPress and elaborate cookie cutter templates.

But I see a problem. Too many sites look alike. I see back yard businesses hiding behind professional but soulless websites.

As a consumer, if I stumble across a site that looks mass produced, I move elsewhere.

Anyone else with me?

Yes, im with you, as many other creative types are too. But the problem is that the ‘internet audience’ is made up of ‘all types’ and different things appeal to different people.

A while back i did a workshop on ‘communication’ and it focussed on how left brain/right brain people are worlds apart when it comes to communicating. Right brain thinkers are the creative types, left brainers are analytical.


Often left brainers dont have time for anything creative, they just want the information, design is very much a secondary consideration.

Some of the most effective sites on the web are very average design wise.

It all comes down to ‘user centered design’ and researching your market.