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Hi Jazzah,

I’m not sure but it doesn’t seem right that they refuse your request.

I had a look at the feedback and it seems their biggest gripe is not the delays but the fact you do not answer the phone or return emails.

With all due respect and I realise the pressure you have been under lately but given the business you are in and the fact many people are relying on you to be efficient because a birth date cannot be magically pushed back a week or two, I can’t help but feel for these people.
If I were a customer and there were big delays that wouldn’t be so bad if I knew what was going on and had sufficient time to make other arrangements.

I think it’s a bit unfair of Truelocal to not remove your details at your request, but people will still find other avenues to tarnish your name if basic courtesy is not afforded to them.

Great that you had two customers today, but how many will you lose through Truelocal?

Return emails.

It’s so simple.