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You make it sound so simple, see it’s 12.25am and I am returning emails. We don’t promise to have items to customers in 3 days, we recommend they order 4 weeks before their party. We receive in excess of 60 emails a day, that is a job in itself. Look my point is, yes we are struggling, yes orders are delayed. Customers are being advised of this everytime they email us, so they know.


is it fair to have our business judged on this short time frame where we are struggling, when there are no reviews of our previous service? Is it fair that the only time someone reviews you is when they are not happy? Does that truly represent our business?

Things happen, I ordered some packaging, they didn’t send it 3 weeks later, they tell me, after emailing several times. Am I going to bag them on True Local, no. Because these things happen but it doesn’t always happen.