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Hi Ann,
The first thing with any reporting program, be it Google, Alexa or any other, is that the numbers they all report are wrong. Google recently switched from sticking its Analytics tracking code from the bottom of pages to the top and that simple move increased its reported “page visits” and decreased “bounce rates” for any website. (Your sites still use the older Analytics tracking code.)

There are many reasons why every traffic report program generates different results. The important thing is to use them as essential diagnostic tools.

Analytics & Alexa use two different methods to assess links to your site and you would expect Alexa to significantly under estimate them.

There are so many variables that can impact on a site’s percentages of Direct, SE or Other Referring Sites that it is impossible to offer any meaningful comments to this question.

However, it looks like there are other factors that may be seriously impeding your SE referrals.

You only referenced one of your sites. Yet there are two domains that seem to be duplicates of each other at nqheliconias.com and elarishtropicalexotics.com.

I can’t discern your motives in publishing what look to be identical sites on two domains but SEs hate duplicate content and will try to cull it from their indexes. In the course of that process both domains can be decimated.

Here is how the two domains are seen at present:

473 pages indexed by Google
1,503 external links to all pages (Yahoo)

214 pages indexed by Google
1,846 external links to all pages (Yahoo)

Look at the discrepancy in the number of site pages indexed by Google. The numbers for each site are probably going up and down like yo-yos.

I presume you consider elarishtropicalexotics.com to be your primary domain. However it looks like nqheliconias.com is seriously diluting the link quality and volume to your primary site. Almost all the links I checked to nqheliconias were from relevant and valuable sites like nurseries or flower websites while elarishtropicalexotics only had links from very low relevancy and value sites about scuba diving, web development or real estate.

I see you have 60-70 pages published on nqheliconias.blogspot.com. When you go to this page from elarishtropicalexotics.com, you find yourself in an area where all the blog’s primary navigation links go to nqheliconias.com. That could be a factor in encouraging link building to nqheliconias.com and it is certainly suggesting to the SEs that this is your primary site. In short, you are delivering a bunch of conflicting messages to the SEs and web users.

I expect your SE referrals should improve if you dropped the duplicate domains and published the content of your blog on your primary domain.