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Good advice agentlocal, the info from Darren and other pro bloggers out there is just amazing. He is bringing out another ebook soon on blogging for business. If I can offer some advice:

1. Get traffic (it won’t come, you need to work out how people will find it)
2. Be yourself, be authentic, personal, don’t be afraid to be controversial
3. Use Google Reader to subscribe to other blogs and comment on them (search for my thread on a commenting tribe) and definitely follow other bloggers like Darren
4. Promote your blog in your newsletter, signature, forums signature, forums in general (where certain posts relate to topics of discussion)
5. Aim (and take steps to achieve) market leadership in your field
6. Be active in social networks especially Twitter and use them to promote your blog posts
7. Get guest posts
8. Give guest post

Good luck!