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HI KylieG,
The problem with “compliance systems” is that they differ for different industries.

Your Adult Shop as a “bricks and mortar” may have different compliance needs to that of an “online store”, one would like to think or at least try to believe that the regulations/laws covers these required obligations, it can then be a personal thing as to how you meet those requirements, so long as you meet them.

To keep in compliance of the regulations/laws however, you will probably need to have and keep a diary to remember to check on changes to the laws, every few months.

If you were looking at an online store, then part of this would be making sure that your hosting provider is still willing to host adult based content, by reviewing their terms and conditions regularly, checking in with Consumer Affairs/Fair Trade on a regular basis, and keeping a watchful eye on the development (or non-development) of the big “internet censorship” thing they were trying to impose Australia wide, also seeing what is considered as acceptable “proof of age” for internet purchases.

I believe their is a forum member or 2 who deal in adult based content, Im sorry I cant remember their names at this point, I will pass on their info when i find it..