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I started by working for an outside agency as I built up clients of my own

This confirms Burgos statement.

Maybe the solution is to think a bit smarter on how to get those new clients. Can you implement a referral system? Even something as simple as giving your card to your current clients. Each client has a unique code that you keep in a book. This code goes on the card so when a person rings up they are asked to quote the code.
Ask current clients if they like your work, and have friends who they think might benefit/like to have you attend to their house as well, to pass on the card.

This way you can track who is referring. You can do some thank-you response – maybe some free cleaning time, a bunch of flowers, box of chocolates left after the next job you do etc (you know each person I guess and what would work best). Just a nice little acknowledgment as thanks.

This can be a very powerful way of getting new clients.

Do you have friends who do childminding, concierge services or other time efficiency service activities in non-competing industries? See if you can cross promote. If you see they may have an interest, give them a card for your other ‘lead alliance’ service person.