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Sarah Marie, post: 78718 wrote:
Hi everyone!

I am in need of a few SEO experts to refer clients to – I specialise in copywriting and editing but would like a few contacts on hand that I can recommend should clients wish to take their site (which I suggest they do) to a higher SEO level.

I also wouldn’t mind understanding a bit more about the process and costs in general, not least because I am currently in the midst of creating my own site.

If you’re interested, please pop me a PM or email with some details, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Sarah,

We specialise in working with small business to achieve great Google rankings. And I loooove teaching it.

Google (pages from Australia) “sports trophies” to see our client A Class Sports and Trophies at #2
or “prahran osteopath” to see our client Chapel Street Osteo at #2
or “social network management” to see our client Dtail Noisemakers #1
or “snow travel” to see our client Global Snow Travel at #7

We achieve this by targetting realistic keywords that have good levels of traffic and using modern web development standards to make sure Goggle, and more importantly, the user, has a good understanding of what the website is about. It’s a simple science and a bit of an art that we love.

Happy to talk any time about it.

Troy Dean
Tonto Digital