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Hi john

We have problems with our 1300 number. It has been given out by the accounts dept of a large energy supplier in error. For about 18 mths we have been getting calls for them from all over Australia. They are quite abusive at times as they are generally people sorting out incorrect bills. I got so many I had to ask the people phoning who they were what their account number with the energy company was, reference numbers etc. It took months and the help from the ombudsman to get this stopped. Denial was the response from the energy company! But I had too much customer information from their clients. One person even played back a telephone recording which clearly stated to phone my 1300 number. I haven’t had a call for about 2 months now so I hope its sorted. To stop it you need to get ask the phoners what number they called. If it is a dialer error you are stuck with this I guess. If it is actually your 1300 number they are dialing then you will have to also try and get some speciifc information then phone the business handing out your number to fix their system to stop the calls.