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We have the same issues with a 1300 phone number, and 1300 fax number – the phone number attracts people looking for Dux hotwater! It seems their stickers look like our phone number but actually one number different… we certainly get more of these around Winter time! Most people are ok, as we just give them the correct number.

Our fax number however appears on an internal dialing list within ANZ mortgage department… we quite often get faxes from one ANZ employee intended for another and containing quite a lot of personal client information relating to their mortgages & finance etc! We have repeatedly rung ANZ (each time we get a fax) to report the error and ask them to update their internal lists … we have even had to ring the same employees several times – you would think they would update them but it still keeps happening! Bet their customers would be pleased to know that strangers are being faxed their personal financial circumstances and records!