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Hi Mate

You need to register a business name, this can be done online by going to your state’s website from the following link

When you register the business name you will need to link it to an ABN, at which point in time you can link in your existing ABN.

If you will undertaking business Australia wide, you may need to register your business name in each state you will potentially doing business in. Have a read of the information on this website


Just be mindful that any name you choose must not be similar in name to any existing business names or company names.

You may wish to consider using a company structure as opposed to sole trader. As you will be registering your name in each state, the costs are quite high. An accountant should be able to set up a company for you for around $600-$700, be mindful that of that figure, ASIC charges a $400 fee for registration, the balance is the accountants fee.

Hope that helped a little.

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