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I like the colour scheme.

…but apart from that, it looks like it’s from the mid-90s to me – when viewed on a moderately large screen, everything gets stretched out and the important stuff disapears into all the white space. If you haven’t seen it on a monitor 20″ or larger, I’d suggest you do.

I think you could easily improve the navigation and usabilty of the site by adding big icons in the body of the front page for “Browse by Make & Model” “Browse by Part Type” and “Search”. At the moment, it seems like these features are an afterthought. I also think using a fixed rather than variable width would make it look a little more modern.

If you look at a site like http://www.rarespares.net.au, although it’s a bit ugly and cluttered, you’ll see that everything is very easy to find and their is a clear visual hierarchy which gives prime position and space to the most important aspects of the site. I don’t feel like your site achieves this.