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Stuart B
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Hey there,

I think it’s a fine start but there are a few small tweaks you could make to take it up to another level…

– I’d make it so the page doesn’t auto expand to fill the entire width of the screen… When I have my window at a 4:3 (ish) ratio it looks ok, but I use a widescreen display (and so do more and more people these days), and when I have my browser maximised (always) everything looks really spread out and a bit weird. So try using a fixed width, that way you can accurately plan out where various elements will sit on the page.

– The black white yellow contrast is very striking but a little harsh to look at… I’d maybe leave the top banner as is, and change the sides from black to white. It’ll make the page feel a little lighter and pleasant. I agree with the post before suggesting to use yellow as more of an accent colour.

-Home page: I think the first thing people should see should be the “new products for june” section. Make that the primary feature of the page because this is what people will come back to the site for again and again. You can still make a feature of the “under new management / facebook” bit, but maybe make it smaller and more subtle. If someone comes back to your site more than once they’ll already know it’s under new management so there’s no need to stick it in their faces every time.

Otherwise I think it’s a pretty nice start. – Well done.