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agentlocal, post: 78900 wrote:
Hi Paul

Nice site there and what a good idea!

My only comments are is to ensure your site is search engine friendly and to have keyword enriched pagenames i.e:


instead of


I would also recommend the email is taken off the Contact Us page and it can easily be harvested by spammers. I would replace it with a contact form or helpdesk. I use a helpdesk on my site and I find it a lot easier to manage email requests.

One last thing – have you thought about live chat? It may be a way you can engage with your prospective customers and bring down your shopping cart abandonment rate

Hi Agentlocal,

Thanks for the tips. The site is still in a work in progress and lots of things to build yet. I am thinking about Live chat and form submission and it is in “the to do list” at this stage. I have plenty of hits at this stage so I am assuming my key words are good, metatags and meta descrriptions. Long process but still working to refine this with hundreds more products to be added.
Thanks again!

Regards, Paul