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Write some policies that say stuff like:
1. Overtime is not to be worked without prior approval
2. Meal breaks must be taken within 5 hours of start of shift
3. Following day shifts will not be started less than x hours after finishing the current shift
4. Overtime claims must be completed by Thursday 5:00pm or payments will be delayed to the following week.
5. Failure to comply with these policies will be treated as grounds for formal notice.

Buy a time book that EVERYBODY signs on if you are all in one location
Design an Overtime claim form and leave with the book
I bought an A4 brochure holder and screwed it to the wall for the book and put the policy on the wall beside it.
Anybody who failed to comply got a right rocket!

This solved all my pay problems but it was a different industry. The OT claim cutoff coincided with my Bookkeepers visit to process the pays and overtime returns needed my signed approval before he paid anybody. This put the onus on overtime claims back on the employee.