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Your issue with overtime is common in several of the Quick Service Restaurants. If you have large numbers of staff on shifts it is not feasible to stand at a Time Clock and give each employee the “Go no Go.”

It sounds like you have a large number of staff on each shift?

We offer a Time Clock which is a Touch Screen PC 8″ wall mounted unit that runs dedicated Time attendance software that monitors and prevents a number of pre-set breaches. If you have staff that know about the 29 minute break = penalties till end of shift this Time clock locks them out until a perfect (compliant) 30 minutes has passed.

Also the Time clock will enforce the 10 hours between shifts and minimum shift rules. Totally flexible and the rules can be modified and “overridden” if you need to start a staff member “right now.”

Reports can be printed direct from the Clock and if your a MYOB payroll person then it provides detailed listings of all time punches and calculates the hours to be paid.

Have a look at our web site: