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I can lend you a tent

And I’d be fined by Council for using it – HA! :D

It’s okay. The sparky who surveyed my house got it wrong.

Tip to householders who rent. Make sure your landlord employs a licensed RESIDENTIAL sparky who knows his way around a 240V single phase system.

Bernie, a lot of skincare ranges are protected by agreements that don’t allow onselling or internet sales etc. It’s pretty cut throat in the beauty world and skincare ranges are fiercely protected. So no, I wouldn’t ask another salon to supply me because I’d be asking them to violate their trade agreements.

I’ll find a skincare line eventually. Once I wade through all the pretention and bs. Mind you by then I’ll probably have enough capital to start my own range with the way this is going :D

Thanks for your responses everyone. Nice to know I can bounce my thoughts around in here.