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Kathy Creaner
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I hope today is going better.

I thought I’d share a good news story with you. We sold a few pieces of furniture to a couple of different buyers the other weekend on eBay. The only issue was that the money didn’t hit the bank. It’s always difficult knowing how much to ‘chase’. We sent the invoice (nice reminder without being too pushy), sent an email asking how they wanted to pay, and were still left in limbo over a week later.

We were feeling pretty let down by having two customers not pay at once on two big ticket items. Yesterday, we bit the bullet and sent both buyers a letter asking them to pay or to advise us if they had changed their mind. We put a deadline on hearing back from them. We weren’t sure if our $2k in sales was about to turn into $0.

They both paid!

While there might be some glum moments with being in business, there are some great moments too.

Hang in there.