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BrownGirl, post: 78804 wrote:
I’m new to Flying Solo, and this is my first forum post :)

I have been operating a fashion e-commerce business for 2 years. We invested in a custom website, using Magento, but haven’t been able to gain the traction we hoped, in relation to online sales, search-ability, or traffic to the site.

We are frustrated by the slow speed of our store, and am now thinking perhaps our shop is in-effective due to not only it’s slow speed, but that it’s ‘functionality’ could just be wrong.

I’m now at a point of considering a whole new (costly) layout for the store to make it a better shopping experience, or converting completely to a subscription based ‘do-it-yourself’ store eg shopify or something similar, and basically starting all over…

does anyone have any advice, based on their own experiences of running, or designing online stores???


Magento does tend to consume a large amount of server resources. Depending on how big your Magento website is, you might want to look at moving to a web host that specialises in hosting it. We have several clients running Magento stores on our shared hosting without any speed issues.