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If you don’t think you need a business plan then put together an action list of things you might need to address to run the business or continue building it. For example:

Your customers – if they are happy with your present products and services, what else might they want that you can provide? Can you improve the service?

Your products & services – is obsolescence likely to be a factor in the future? Demand changes all the time. What can you do to stay up to date and keep it fresh? Can technology add a new dimension to e.g. the product itself or its distribution? What are your competitors doing?

Your sales system – if sales simply fall into your lap, what can you do to replicate and build sales even further? Would customers refer you to friends and colleagues? Are you building a useful sales / communication database?

Manage the process – keep control of your business or it will run off the road (e.g. stay on top of margins, income, expenses, cash flow, breakeven, human performance, the cost and quality of the product / service creation process – just to name a few). There is also some admin e.g. accounts, paying bills, collecting money, BAS, PAYG, tax etc.

Your personal time – if the business needs nothing but a driver how can you minimize your time behind the wheel, or even replace yourself?

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