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cretsiah, post: 79239 wrote:
HI WW2010,

Firstly the question your asking from your first post should be in the sticky thread which you are supposed to have read before posting…..

see above thread link…check

There is 1 industry that is similar to this, however your side of this fence requires alot more, than the side doing the leasing and doesnt need a business plan to implement (leasee doesnt necessarily require a business plan) has also take n over a decade for the industry and the ATO to put down the rules of the industry..

FAMOUS LAST WORDS …. heard this statement so many times before, as Im sure most of the forum members have too….

WW2010 you claimed sixx was a troll via this post but answering a question with a question and not answering the orginal question is trolling …. True. However you are a bit off here cretsiah…you see …i called troll for other reasons. Troll by definition is someone who attacks another either directly in indirectly. I took reference from a culmination of post by sixx. Not via the line you have taken unfortunately

see above point

To top this off given that you only have 1 customer, the ATO may see you as an employee of your customer, rather than a business supplying a service to your customer, in which case your customer could be open to fines for not paying Workers Comp or Super Annuation payments for you (google, high court interpreter services to give you an idea of what i mean) and your business expense claims may be cut in half as under employee status they may not be claimable or come under fringe benefits.

Have seen two CPA’s and got a ruling. One CPA cost me 800 an hour…i bloody hope there right or i want a refund lol! The other was the missus(cant trust her…i forgot her bday last week so im on the lookout lol)

WW2010, Im sorry to say, that whilst you may have the “gift-of-the-gab” by knowing reasonable amount of knowledge, whether through self-teaching (by reading forums and articles) or by an actual business degree, your double speak (never answering a question in black and white format) and your ability to keep going round in circles suggests that you are either a troll yourself, or a business degree holder with a dash of lawyer-ism built in.We all have a bit of troll in us all. So you probably right ;)
To be honest you remind me of the type of person that would do the same thing thats talked about in this post
Wow. Ya got me. Thats is me in that post! …..Do me a favor and dont scratch your head wondering why i made fun of your post…You wanna attack me indirectly? Does it make ya feel better about yourself? You should have gone straight devil in your description. Dont beat around the bush bud. You wanna tie me to someone who is quote “Totally false, misleading and in my opinion unethical” If you want some troll on troll action i can get “down like james brown” yeeeeow! haha
I dont know if you will respond to this post, but I assume you will with the way you dealt with sixx, so how about I help you out by saying look at my profile (notice yours is not availabe) How do you make one??and seeing what kind of musings we get from there…..

Cant we all just be friends ;)
yours cretsiah

Cretsiah. You bring some valid points to the table. The argument about whether a business plan of some description is required is a rather silly notion. Because there was only so much space in the title box i couldnt write a longer more precise title….sigh….No doubt there will be others visiting this thread with there business heart on there sleeve. Good on em i say :)