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Stuart B
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CondorCreative, post: 78940 wrote:
When you are writing a list of item in a sentence such as:

My items include: carrots, beans, apples

Now just pretend for arguments sake that the above 3 items are now in a “group” & need to be included in the next sentence..

How do you include something that also has commas in it such as the “group” above, such as:

My items has broccoli, radish, carrots, beans, apples and sprouts.

Now looking at the list above you can’t tell that the carrots, beans and apples have any connection as they are all separated by commas like everything else.

Hopefully this makes sense.


I think I understand what you’re asking…
You could say it by saying:

“The recipe requires broccoli, radish, carrots, as well as beans, apples and sprouts.”

Is that kind of what you mean?

Also what’s the purpose of this little puzzle?