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craiglongmuir.com, post: 79021 wrote:
usefull to get to the initial 25 to get the vanity url and potentially useful to create an impression you are more popular than you are, but remember that these are very un targeted likes and in terms of marketing your business not a great deal of good..

Completely agree! I have always been of the belief that sometimes one of the hardest things to do is start. Once you have the momentum, all sorts of opportunities present themselves.

I recommend this as part of stage one of your Facebook strategy. Use twiends.com to get your initial Likes – the last thing you want is to promote a page where you are the only one that likes it.

You can target Likes based on location – in my testing I have been able to get likes from Australia. I have also been able to Likes based on interests for example I was able to locate Fashion related fans.

Once you have gained this momentum, use it to pursue methods that get you genuine likes and followers.

The ideal strategy on social media uses what I call the Social Media Keys.

– Broadcast
– Interact
– Engage

By using all of these keys, broadcasting your message, interacting and then engaging with your audience, you are bound to see a return on investment on your social media strategies.