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peppie, post: 79242 wrote:
Don’t know what version of Eudora you were using that you couldn’t set up multiple email accounts. I currently have 8 different addresses from 2 different mail servers on 1 install of Eudora 7.1 (the last and latest). And yes, it is no longer supported but I find it works fine anyway.

So far haven’t seen a better alternative. Thunderbird to me was just plain clunky and as said elsewhere Outlook, well lets just say I prefer not to take the risk! Gmail is great for extra addresses and if you prefer to remain incognito, they can still be redirected to your usual address to save too much logging on here and everywhere else.

I’m using 7.1 as well though even after having another look I don’t see an option to create extra accounts….. I must be blind lol