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I’m a big fan of Gmail for reasons many have already cited. However, I’ve had a look at the beta of Microsoft Office 365 and have to say that the online version of Outlook is very nice.

Gmail has a very stripped-back, retro feel and is solid but the calendaring side is very basic compared to Outlook. Outlook just looks better and it has invite tracking so you can see within an appointment window your invitation and the responses to it; it’s easier to forward on to other people; easier to categorise, check names, etc.

Gmail’s calendar I find doesn’t look that great but also the features are harder to use. I’m sticking with Google Apps because I think Google Docs is better than Microsoft Web Apps, which doesn’t seem to have changed much under Office 365.

I used to use Apple Mail but found that it was hard to set up aliases for gmail accounts… iCloud will probably tempt me back.