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Hey there, Belinda here.

You’re welcome to come down to the Pop Up Project at The Rocks to see how it’s working there. It was organised through Arts NSW, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and the Empty Spaces project.

All the participants in the 47 George street location are Rocks markets stall holders so have an abundant experience in setting up quickly and professionally presented retail selling spaces that have to work within a very short time frame so there could be some help there for you.

Debbie from Ruby and Crickett has a heap of experience with very short term retail pop ups but mainly in shopping centres, expos, events and creative centres. As with all of us, she’s very focused on building her business and brand during such a slow retail period and is very straight forward with her advice and experience.

I think your idea of a serious approach to marketing it to your target audience is crucial, particularly if you’re going to rely on bringing the customers to you and not also leveraging off an existing audience such as in a shopping centre or an artisan and designer market.

I would imagine with the time frame and location you’d need to have a very strong message of come shop for this specific time for these exclusive, hard to get, much needed products. Be sure to include how you accept payment too – visa, mastercard, amex etc.

Over the years I’ve come across open houses where the entire space is given over to selling products – kind of a pop up in a house. These have ranged from one off events in a house being sold to sell off the products of two closed businesses all the way through to the annual sales event where the lady has the family move out for 2 weeks, stocks the entire house and makes it exclusive through an invitation only event.

Maybe a variation on this approach could work?

Good luck with it, creative retailing is really needed at the moment to entice shoppers back into shopping and they respond really well to something innovative, authentic and interesting.

Here’s a link to a story we’ve done on She Inspires about Pop Ups, it has useful links in it for you too: http://www.sheinspires.com.au/empty-spaces/the-rocks-pop-up-project-revitalizing