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Hi all,

Thank you so much for your ideas. Facebook fan page is something I would definitely do. I am currently looking to hire someone to run a facebook campaign on our product – thin includes the status updates and creative and interesting things to engage the fans..

The website is going to be up in 1st week of July and pretty happy with the content of it so far.
This is not an event planner by the way; it is a deals and discount guide for members. I am a bit worried that the name myeventbook could be misleading

EventChoice, maybe you should try to simplify the design and the contents. I kind of got lost in your site. Don’t get discouraged. It takes so much courage to start up your own venture and for most of us the success comes with lot of hard work and few bumps and failures along the way.

Ben, I will be in touch with you as soon as the site is up. Anyways it’s FREE for vendors to join our site!

Thanks again.. Love this forum!