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cretsiah, post: 79215 wrote:
pity this wasnt in writing or did you have the call recorder on?? :)

I wonder how her clients would react to this as for some this would prove to be an admission of doing the wrong thing (depending on how she worded her attacks of course)…

(was going to add more but decided against it)..

You and me both, my story was quite abbreviated! No she doesn’t have menopause LOL, sounded too young. This business has a huge facebook following of over 12,000, several social type FB pages and tweets alot usually using the same phrase “[Business1] and [business2] says …”. Their FB page info is very vague about who they are but in doing a WhoIs search seems it’s owned by a real estate agent who has a finger in many, many pies!

I think her staff need some education in conflict resolution – including negotiation, tactfulness & humility. I’d say the girl that phoned me got a bollocking from the client and/or possibly her manager, so maybe she figured the best way to ‘fix it’ was to demand I remove my tweet and being aggressive was the way to go. Who knows? Some of her comebacks were worth a laugh though.

Me: So what you are saying is that it’s OK to make things up and post them? I doubt, if looking at this from a legal pespective, a lawyer would see it your way.
Her: Social media comments are way too small for any lawyer to take it on!
Me: That’s not what I’m saying. What you said is not factual. It’s made up and untrue, unethical!
Her: I’ve done YOU a HUGE favour by mentioning your business.
Me: So if I was to post or tweet that McDonalds said that our business is the greatest thing since sliced bread, thats OK?
Her: Yes, how great for you!

The red button on my cordless phone works well!!