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Well, I’ve just returned from five brilliant days in Melbourne with my husband. The highlight was being at Ethiad yesterday to see my beloved Eagles flog Carlton :D but a close second to that was meeting Jazzah last Thursday morning.

I had the morning free while I waited for hubby to fly in from Sydney, so took the train down to Jazzah’s new shop and gave her a few hours of my time. The shop looks fantastic !! and is so big !! Out the back is going to look great once all the different party rooms are finished and it’s obvious there’s been an awful lot of work done. It was great to be able to actually meet someone from FS face-to-face and I really enjoyed the morning. I was more than happy to give a bit of help to someone who has been battling so hard for her business.

Hopefully all will go well with the upcoming mediation and the party rooms will be up and running very soon.

Wendy :)