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Sure, you can easily lodge the company tax return by yourself.
You have two options, the paper company tax return available from a post office or online using an SBR service provider.

The paper option will require you to manually complete all the fields in the tax form and you’ll then need to post the form to the address noted on the form.

A better option in my opinion is to use an online web form.
This option is particularly useful if you maintain a computerised set of accounts that will allow you to generate a profit & loss and balance sheet report.
These reports form the basis of the information you’ll require in order to complete all the sections of your company tax return.

By using an online service you should be able to simply import your profit/loss and balance sheet reports in order to automate the fill of your company tax return.
If you use accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Myob or Xero, then your job will be made even easier because these systems can be connected easily to softwares like LodgeiT, which actually specialises in helping business owners like you lodge their company tax returns.

There are important considerations when it comes time to fill a company tax return including:

A. If the company is profitable there will be tax to pay. Companies that meet the definition of small business entity can calculate tax payable at a lower rate.

B. There may be expenses that are non deductible. Be sure to add these back in the company tax return reconciliation section.

C. If shareholders take dividends these may need to be franked.

D. For companies that are small business entities, it is relatively easy to calculate depreciation and assets costing less than $20,000 can be written off immediately.

If in doubt, you can always seek the assistance of a registered tax agent.