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nominal, post: 79260 wrote:
I don’t know where some businesses get the nerve to behave like this.

A few months (!) ago I had cracked my laptop’s lcd screen and needed a replacement. I’ve found the part on a website (Brisbane based) and ordered the part not before mentioning to the guy the exact model and even sending a picture of the part.

I wasn’t surprised when I got the wrong part, I replied and explained and then sent the part back by mail, a few weeks pass and I get a new part. AGAIN the wrong part. By that time the guys says they will have to order the part from their supplier.

So a few weeks pass I question him on that and he says he will refund the money to me. (aarrrghhh!) ok please refund the cost of shipping the wrong part twice.

Sorry this is not in our terms and conditions, again I reply that this is their fault they send the wrong part (twice idiots!).

To that his reply is:”sorry do you accept refund $X or not?”

What do you do? how do you handle this kind of rudeness?

Hi Nominal

I totally feel your pain! I have had to deal with numerous businesses lately who are unhelpful, rude or don’t return your calls.

My problem is I think everyone has the same standard of customer service as I have – sadly this isn’t the case. There has been a few occasions lately that I have got frustrated/angry, as Adam mentioned – it does make you grumpy for a while afterwards. Take a deep breath and take your business to elsewhere :)

Sorry, no real solution here, only empathy!

Good luck