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Alex Honey: Int Design
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Hi Lorraine
Congrats on your new look website.

I like the simple, clean layout and clear navigation of the site and the simple use of colour. It allows focus on the written text.

I was a little undecided about the use of the stock image for the banner . I know they get used a lot but I personally find them to be a bit un-human and static.

The fact that you’ve used then consistently through the whole site helps make it make more sense. They are quite corporate looking, is that the market you are going for?

The couple of suggestions I do have are both about the About Us page.

Firstly, although you look lovely in your photo and have a great open smile, I would suggest getting a shot of you in a more recogniseable work related environment – with a blouse or jaket on. This will convey a more business like look to the photo plus help focus attention on you face.

The copy of the About Us page is an area that I would suggest re-jiggling. While I understand that your children are a special and important part of your world, as a potential ‘customer’ having them appear to be your priority rather than your clients could put me off.

Its natural for you to know that they are the focus of the ‘why’ behind your business, but not everyone else may need to know right up front.

Thoughts like …if I call are there going to be screaming kids in the background? Or will she be able to deliver or am I going to hear that little Johnny was sick and no work has been done …may seem a bit tough but if Im running a business those are the things that are important to me.

Perhaps just re-focusing the text so that the good content about your back ground, experience, professional life, passion for marketing etc is foremost, then add in if you want to that you have a family.

Maybe considering leaving out that your a home based business as its not really information thats needed to convert viewers to sales.

I would consider dropping all the txt about the mumsdelivery business, as its not an allied product or brand and thus has the potential to set off alarm bells about your real focus. If you feel you want to perhaps just refer to…..other sucessful businesses and keep mum stuff on the website related to that enterprise.

One last little suggestion for the testimonial page. There are lots of appealing ways to invite readers on to that page too, calling it sucess stories, or client comments, etc can give a bit of interest to make people want to go there.

Maybe change the italics? There is a lot to read and it all being italics makes it a bit daunting on the eyes. Perhaps consider breaking up the copy with some images or perhaps putting them in seperate text boxes with varing light colour behind each one.

Also adding a PO box at least to the contact us page would help establish in viewers minds that you are a business operating at a professional level. Its just one of those little things we all use to gauge if we are going to contact you and do business with you.

I hope this input helps give a fresh perspective and some tweaks to think about.

You’ve really nailed a great site, Im sure it will do well for you and help you keep up the great work you’re doing.

Have fun growing your business