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Seeing as this is your first post, welcome to Flyingsolo :)

When you are selecting hosting for your website, you will want to consider the following criteria.

* If you are targeting the Australian market, stick with Australian hosting. US hosting will be considerably cheaper than Australian hosting, but your goal is to provide the best user experience for visitors browsing your website.

* There are so many different types of hosting out there, what plan do I choose? For most businesses, shared hosting will be adequate.

* Stay far away from “unlimited” disk space and/or bandwidth offers. These web hosts are most likely to be overselling their server resources.

* What about uptime? Well uptime is quite important to keep in mind. I would recommend looking for a 99.9%+ guaranteed uptime on a shared hosting plan.

* Look at a web host that offers backups. Do they run backups daily, weekly or monthly? This is something to look out for.

* What is this 24/7 customer support? 24/7 customer support is common to be offered by nearly all web hosts out there but then again, this can be another marketing gimmick. For example, you send the web host a support ticket at 3am in the morning but you might not get a response until a few hours later.

* Lastly, does the web host offer a SLA (Service Level Agreement)? You will want an SLA which outlines the minimum service guarantee. If the minimum service guarantee is broken, then you should be entitled to some form of credit/compensation.