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I have been in business for 11 years and know for a fact that although social media might work for web-based services, it definitely would not be appropriate for other businesses where getting clientele requires face-to-face and the physical side of business. As I mentioned before, that is why we have business development managers.

I dislike the way it is marketed, as a “Magic Business Tool” that will bring an avalanche of new customers.

Twitter is not suited for every personality or business, but I still see Twitter more of an addiction rather than a useful tool. Let’s face it, there is an addiction to this type of media, hence why it is so popular. If you consider the amount of time being spent on this type of medium and the amount of customers you get in return, is it all worth it?

Probably from a social point of view “yes”, but from a business point of view “no”.

The Twitter users defend it, but seem to forget how many more customers they could be missing out on if they used the time they spend on Twitter more constructively. Even web-based services could make a business plan to visit and make appointments with local businesses who could use their services. I’ve been using this plan since starting my business and it is the most effective strategy to get new clients and would rather be using my time doing this than spending 2 hours a day on Twitter.

You say it is a social site, but sub-consciously everyone is there to sell something and that is where the problem lies.

Certainly, for my favourite site “The Oatmeal”, Twitter is an excellent social media tool as it is humour based. Take the “How Addicted to Twitter Are You” Quizz.